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Thomas and Henry are not only brothers but they have been business partners for the last 35 years. Growing up just a stone's throw outside of Boston with no financial foundation, their extreme hard work, loyalty and being a team has enabled them to establish a popular and accessible community of rental warehouses and offices. Situated throughout the beautiful Town of Bourne in Cape Cod, MA, right over the Bourne Bridge, they used their entrepreneurial philosophy and applied it to their Commercial Real Estate development. Thomas and Henry cater to small businesses with no employees to national companies fully staffed, always taking a partnership approach with their tenants assisting them with accommodations needed to make their business successful.
Thomas and Henry have worked closely with their tenants to customize their work spaces.  One national company in particular has grown from 8 employees to over 160 within the last five years. Thomas and Henry provide a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing location to help facilitate this expansion.
Thomas and Henry not only provide a workplace desirable to their tenants but they are also able to make build-out changes and leasehold improvements to their existing spaces. Their construction company, Donovan Construction, Inc. has been pivotal in insuring high quality workmanship.  Each tenant has their own unique stamp on their warehouse or office location  which differentiates them from other companies. The exterior aesthetics of their properties are met with continued maintenance so that visitors or employees are excited to come to the space. 
The business advantages of their facilities include convenience, location, lower price points and a better quality of life. Instead of sitting in hours of traffic every day, tenants are finding that driving to a beautiful location right off the highway with no traffic, actually makes them strive to be more successful. Executives are also catching on to this trend and placing big national companies in this environment. Being part of the Donovan Duo team creates an atmosphere where, at the end of the day, is where you want to be...​

Carrie Gonsalves has been the office manager of Donovan Construction, CCV, CRE, Donbros and Eastwood, LLC for 8 years focusing on the 13 commercial properties, construction/renovation and interior design department. Carrie has an extensive background in accounting, technology and finance. Carrie's expertise and organizational skills have been a key contributor to our success.    

Kelly Donovan manages our 13 commercial buildings/properties, residential construction sites and the interior design department. Kelly works closely with customers on creating ideas both structurally and on interior decor to make your home unique. Kelly takes her 15 years in the fashion and design industry around the world and applies it to the beautiful design of your home.